Outsorcing in Albania ABP

ABP provides outsourcing services for both local and international companies.

With a team of highly creative designers, qualified developers and technical professionals all projects get successfully delivered on time.

We owe our accomplishments to the dedicated team members who have been with us since 2010, as well as the rising number of people aspiring to join ABP. To reach talented team members we have embraced a new internship culture by inviting best ICT students from the Albanian public and private universities to work together in the same environment, which we firmly believe will create synergy and help us exploit our individual strengths to the fullest. This year ABP counts 5 signed contracts with the Universities in Albania, while it's in the middle of a massive development training process which will prepare large numbers of developers for special outsource projects.

  • 1. Young Albania

    Albania has the youngest population in Europe. Its youth is being trained in from the best ICT Academies. Young work force ready to be employed especially in the ICT industry.
  • 2. Highly qualified youth in ICT

    The numbers of students studying in ICT is increasing fast. There is a driving significant increase in ICT education and there are more students graduating by the year ready to export technology capabilities and professional services.
  • 3. Great English spoken and writing skills

    Young Albanians are multilingual, especially in English and Italian. Albanian is a hard language to learn so it is easy for Albanians to learn other languages.
  • 4. Near Shore, Strategic Location and Time Zone

    Great location, near to every country in Europe. Short flights to all Europe, Albania is closer than you think. Located in the UTC+01:00 Central European Time Zone, 1 hour ahead Greenwich Time.
  • 5. Low Tax

    The Lowest in the region, only 5% FLAT TAX ON PROFIT. This is a TAX dedicated to the ICT sector, only for the software development sector.
  • 6. Attractive Price

    In Albania you can get more for less. Latest market moves show that companies in the USA, UK and Western Europe are moving towards Southeast European countries. A new energy called the Balkans.
  • 7. EU compatibility Legislation

    Albania has reformed its legal system, making it completely compatible with the EU legislation. All the laws are available in English.
  • 8. Access to EU Market

    Albania has signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with EU. Albania is also a CEFTA member, giving free access to 520 EU customers and offer a better investment environment and stay relations with it’s counterparts.
  • 9. Culture Affinity

    Albania has a closer culture link to Europe and this can reduce some of the problems the companies are facing by outsourcing their services to companies with different cultural background.
  • 10. Biodiversity and culinary traditions

    Once you decide to come, you never leave Albania. Work, is a part of our life. Living well, is what gives us the inspiration for succeeding on our challenges. Albania is a hidden gem of Europe. Mountains, snow, two seas, beautiful beaches and great food. Culture heritage from centuries of history and a lot to see. Culinary is an art itself. Bio food in traditional dishes selected from centuries that is divers in different part of the country. Large expats community to exchange experiences with. Albania is a must try yourself!

Our Outsource Services

Recruitment and retention (candidate selection, screening, interviews, employee performance evaluations, continuous training, and career advancement paths). Infrastructure and technical support (computer workstations, stable internet connections, system administration, data security, communication and collaboration tools). Administrative and financial services (monthly invoices, attendance worksheets, business travel coordination and support).

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