ABP was hired to design and develop the new website of Elektro Servis.

Website design and development

Having a direct marketing strategy in mind, the aim of Elektro Servis website design was that the services immediately caught the eye of the visitor. That is the reason why the design was mainly focused on images of products and brands they offer service for. We developed the website in both desktop and mobile versions, and undertook SEO campaigns so the website could achieve higher rankings on search engines. What’s special about the website is the status of the product that is being repaired, which allows clients to be updated at any time about the status of repair of their product.


Our collaboration with ABP has been great so far. Their management skills helped make the process go much more smoothly compared to other vendors. They’re very responsive to our needs and consistently go above and beyond. The communication is great, and we are more than satisfied with the quality.
- Elektro-Servis Team


11 May 2016

Work Required

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