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ABP provides outsourcing services for both local and international companies.
ABP has a team of highly creative designers, qualified developers and technical professionals who deliver on time successfull projects.
Part of our success are not only the dedicated team members that have been with us since 2010, but also the increasing number of people that aspire to join ABP. To reach talented team members we have embraced a new internship culture by inviting best ICT students from the Albanian public and private universities to work together. We strongly believe that this kind of work environment will create synergy and help us utilize our individual strengths to the fullest capacity. This year ABP has signed contracts with 5 Universities in Albania while it's in the middle of a special training process for massive development trainings in order to prepare large numbers of developers for special outsource projects.
Why Outsource in Albania?
  • Great Technical Infrastructure
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Large number of Universities that has IT as a major
  • Financial
  • Low operating costs
  • Lower taxation than European countries
  • Lost wages in the region
  • Social
  • Very friendly
  • Youngest population in Europe
  • Great languages skills
  • High rate of educated population
  • Excellent accessibility
  • World Brands presence
  • Political
  • NATO member
  • Gov is investing in IT services and promoting IT as an opportunity field of study
  • Our Outsource Services
  • Recruitment and retention (candidate selection, screening, interviews, employee performance evaluations, continuous training, and career advancement paths).
  • Infrastructure and technical support (computer workstations, stable internet connections, system administration, data security, communication and collaboration tools).
  • Administrative and financial services (monthly invoices, attendance worksheets, business travel coordination and support).
  • We are social
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